Distance Energy Healing

Reconnective Healing is a very effective spectrum of energy healing frequencies that is available to all, no matter where you are located, even if you are not near the healer or far away from Sedona or anywhere else in the world.

These 5th-dimensional frequencies originate from the very Source of the Universe, which is beyond all boundaries of space and time as we know it.

Although most of the time we are not aware of and don’t fully experience or appreciate it, at the very core of our Being we are in fact at one with Source (always have been and always will be). Not only are we at one but we are literally immersed and surrounded within the energy field of Source. We are literally like fishes in the water and the water is all around and within us too.

Another analogy is that the energy frequencies of Source are like radio or TV signals. We are constantly surrounded by and immersed in them but can’t hear or see them until we use a radio or TV device that can tune into the specific frequency of the channel we want to listen or see.

That is exactly what Patty, your energy healer does: she acts as a tuning device and focuses the energy healing frequencies for you, helping you to come into direct contact with this Divine aspect of yourself, which is always within you, but is unknown and not usually seen or experienced in our busy everyday lives.

Coming into conscious awareness and in direct contact with this Divine aspect of your nature results in perfect balance, peace, bliss and allows your body to naturally and effortlessly heal itself of any imbalances or diseases that are not serving your life purpose.


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