Reconnective Healing Case Study – Julie, natural treatment for gallstone removal

natural gallstone treatment

Julie wanted a healing as she found she was often breathless on walks especially up hills, was constantly anxious, and was suffering from a serious pain in her side.

I explained to her, as I do with all my clients, that at no time would I be touching her and I do not and cannot direct the frequencies and energy to specific areas or to treat specific conditions.

The healings people get are what they need and out of my control.

At the end of her first healing she told me she felt hands pushing down on the side of her body where the pain was located, and asked me if I was sure I did not touch her.

I assured her I did not and explained that I stand a distance away from her and the energy flows to her through my hands. She asked for another healing in two weeks as she was booked in to see her doctor next week to investigate the pain.

Julie had been diagnosed with large gallstones

When Julie returned for her second healing she told me she had been diagnosed with large gallstones and they were too large for her to pass on her own. She was booked in to see a specialist to get the gallbladder and stones removed, as this she was told was her only option.

During the second healing, she again felt the strong pressure on her side and she told me she had been a lot less breathless on her walks since the first healing and less anxious.

Three weeks later the gallstones were gone

Three weeks later I ran into Julie while shopping and she was so excited because the specialist had ordered another scan to see what was happening with the stones in preparation for the operation and they were all gone.

The radiologist who repeated the scan had commented on her report that it was very strange because usually if people pass the stones themselves it leaves lines on the film, but there was nothing on Julie’s film.

The specialist could not explain what had happened

The specialist said he could not explain what had happened but asked her to rebook in 6 months in case the stones returned.

It has been over 2 years now and no stones have returned and Julie still has her healthy gallbladder.

How does a Reconnective Healing session work?

In person Energy Healing

Your Reconnective Healing® session is done while you lay down comfortably, fully clothed-without shoes-on a massage table. Your holistic energy healer, Patty Walcott, uses her hands at a small distance, from a few inches to several feet away from your body, focusing a flow of the high level, fifth-dimensional healing energy into your energy field.  It does not involve any physical contact or touching of any type.

Energy healer, Patty Walcott, will first spend a few minutes to talk and answer any questions that you may have. Afterwards, she will ask you about and discuss your experience. The entire session typically lasts about one hour.

Patty’s clinic is based on the NSW South Coast (Sapphire Coast) at Frogs Hollow near Merimbula and Bega.

Distance Energy Healing

During a distance energy healing session, Patty acts as a tuning device and focuses the energy healing frequencies for you, helping you to come into direct contact with this Divine aspect of yourself, which is always within you, but is unknown and not usually seen or experienced in our busy everyday lives.

For a confidential discussion about your personal requirements, book an energy healing session or contact Patty directly via email.

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Natural Healing Case Studies

I want to share with you a few case studies that provide a sense of what the Reconnective Healings can do for both people and pets.

I feel very privileged that I can facilitate these incredible healings and act as a conduit for the frequencies to achieve amazing changes in people’s life.

Every person that has a healing, whether it is distance healing or in person, has a uniquely personal experience and healing that is special for them. No two healings are alike.

Patty Walcott, Healer, South Coast, NSW

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